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Satelite Essential

Satelite Essential

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Want manoeuvrability? Uncompromising on performance. This racquet is made for you. Because our aim is to meet your expectations. Rediscover our Satelite racquets now more manoeuvrable than ever. A fusion of technologies specially developed to bring out your full potential. The Satelite Essential is specifically designed for all-court players with defensive tendencies. Your best ally to counter all your adversarys shots.




Increase your strike power. Whatever your type of game, this racquet is designed for optimal aerodynamics that maximise each of your strokes. With the combination of Aero+ and MetricFlex technologies, you'll gain power on all shots.


Manoeuvrability is the key promise of our Satelite ranges, one we intend to keep. If manoeuvrability is an essential racquet selection criterion for you, look no further. Discover a fusion of technologies all specially designed to optimise your flexibility of movement.


Refine the precision of each of your strokes. The unique flexibility of the shaft makes it more supple when setting up your shots to gain precision and hit winners.


Metric Flex technology was specially designed to offer unique flexibility (lateral/frontal). Its structure is unique and patented. The shaft's stiffness adapts to maximise each of your movements: a more flexible shaft when setting up the stroke and more rigid when you hit to guarantee power and precision.


technology provides a perfect connection between the frame and shaft. The T-joint is designed exclusively to enhance the racquet's aerodynamics Enjoy optimised manoeuvrability.


6.5 Check out our Shaft 6.5, an ultra-thin shaft that gives optimal aerodynamics and increased manoeuvrability.


A new sctructure specifically designed to improve the connection between the Top cap and the shaft. Built-in SMAC material adds greater stability to the racquet, for increased responsiveness and manoeuvrability.


A racket frame designed with built-in eyelets. This structure offers better penetration through the air for more power and manoeuvrability.

Tech Specs

Player Typology Versatiles Weight 85 g +/-2g
Balance 290mm +/-5mm Balance Type Even Balance
Length 675 mm Head shape Powerful Head Size
Stringing Pattern 20/21 Tension Recommended 8-12kg T joint Slim T
Composition High Modulus Graphite Type of cover Full Cover
Flexibility Flexible

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