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Whether you're a badminton beginner or a seasoned competition player, we have just the badminton equipment for your needs. You'll find everything you'll require as you progress and advance on the courts amongst our extensive range of badminton products for both men and women.

Our badminton equipment

With head-heavy, even-balanced and head-light options and flexible, medium-stiff and stiff models to choose from, our badminton racquets are perfect for players of all types, whether attacking, defensive or a combination of both. No matter whether you're a regular player or someone who only plays occasionally, you'll find a badminton racquet to suit your requirements.Good non-slip footwear is essential when it comes to being able to get around the court properly, which is why we work closely with our partner Michelin in developing the best types of rubber to give you complete control of your movements during your matches. The more you progress, the more force you'll exert, and the technologies featured in our badminton shoes are designed to absorb shocks and impacts to enable you to play for longer without the risk of injury.We have a complete range of both feather and synthetic shuttlecocks to choose from, covering all levels from leisure to international competition. Whether it's for club playing or simply to get used to how feather shuttlecocks behave in the air, you'll find just the shuttlecock you're looking for.Our badminton bags are suitable for use with all forms of transport and are designed to keep your equipment safe and protected right up to the moment you begin your session. They also feature convenient pockets where you can store your badminton shoes and badminton racquets before and after your match. To ensure everyone is able to find something suitable for carrying and transporting their equipment, we have a range of different bag sizes available.