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HYBRID Challenge

HYBRID Challenge

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Are you looking for the best compromise between high flight quality and durability? Look no further, we�ve found it for you. The hybrid structure guarantees a quality shuttlecock for optimal playability. The hybrid shuttlecock�s unique feature is its three-part structure: a cork head and a synthetic nylon base on which feathers are inserted. This innovative hybrid combination gives the shuttlecock stability, precision and durability.




Take advantage of a longer life cycle. Its nylon base gives greater protection for the feathers.


Enjoy quality rallies thanks to an innovative structure. For flight quality equivalent to feather shuttlecocks.


The hybrid shuttlecock means less waste thanks to increased durability.

Tech Specs

Composition Cork head.
Synthetic nylon base.
Natural goose feathers.
Type of feather Goose
Quality of flight AB Made in Taiwan

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