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Cross Pro

Cross Pro

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Ready for your next game of badminton? Whether you're training or competing, the BABOLAT CROSS PRO, with its unique design and enhanced features, is THE ultimate badminton bag. We made the CROSS PRO to be incredibly robust and ergonomic. Efficient and easy to use, this stylish and functional badminton bag can carry up to 10 racquets, plus all the equipment you need for a great time on the court. It has two main compartments and three accessory pockets to optimally organize your equipment. It also features a comfortable backpack-style carrying system.

Stay focused on the game!
The racquet compartment lets you quickly sort and select your racquets according to the stage of the game and the playing style of your opponents. The Babolat Cross Pro has a thermoformed shell to keep your racquets and strings safe from shocks and changes in temperature. It also has a waterproof, ventilated pocket to protect your shoes. This pocket also prevents odors from being transferred to the bag's other compartments.

And because we strive to provide you with the best possible products, we've made this bag even more durable. It is made of recycled polyester, a robust, resistant, and environmentally-friendly material. Our commitment to the environment is reinforced by the use of a "colorless" 100% recycled PET lining to reduce the amount of water needed to manufacture the bag. Whether you're practicing, playing a match, or simply having fun with friends, the CROSS PRO bag will make your life easier. It is a strong, versatile, and durable bag with a timeless style and made from recycled materials.


This bag is designed to ensure optimal organization for the most demanding players. You can easily access each space dedicated to a specific use. You'll quickly find your racquets, shoes and accessories in the transparent, waterproof and ventilated compartment.

For maximum protection, we have used a durable, waterproof exterior material. The inside of the bag is made of our new white, ultra-resistant isothermal material to maintain the tension of your racquet strings and to protect them from extreme variations in temperature. This bag is also easier to clean.

With its redesigned layout, this bag can hold up to ten racquets in its two large, fully insulated compartments. The Babolat Cross Pro has 48 liters of storage space.

Our new “color free” lining is made of 100% recycled polyester (PET) and is made dye-free: we save water by not dying the lining of the bag. The white lining makes it easy to organize and find what you need.

New EXTRA durable, light, recyclable and dye-free insulated fabric to keep your racquets safe from a wide range of temperatures and thermal variations.

Quickly check that you have your shoes packed thanks to the new transparent shoe compartment. The shoe compartment is seamless and waterproof so you can clean it easily when needed. Its also vented to the outside, keeping odors from migrating to other areas of the bag.

This product was made from recycled materials.

Tech Specs

Racket Capacity 10 Capacity 48L
Dimensions 77 x 28 x 30 cm Number of Insulated Compartments 1
Number of Handles 1 Number of Straps 2
Composition 65% Recycled polyester 15% Recycled PU 15% PE 5% PVC

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