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X-Feel Fury

X-Feel Fury

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Unleash your energy and increase your striking power. The X-FEEL FURY enhances the power of your shots and intensifies your feel to help you unleash your full talent. The all-new design incorporates multiple technologies to enhance performance and to give this racquet its explosive power. Ideal for advanced offensive players and competitors. The unique, patented Power T joint (r) technology has been specially designed to amplify power transmission through an innovative, solidified shaft between the handle and the racquet head. Your playing feel is enhanced by FOAM tech technology, which reduces vibrations at impact, for more precise shots. The foam is injected into the frame, to improve strength and durability. The added titanium in the head strengthens this strategic part of the racquet and adds weight for more power. Metricflex on the shaft provides differentiated flexibility, for power and precision. The all-new X-FEEL FURY is designed for exceptional power and feel.



Increase your striking power. Whatever your style of play, this racquet has been designed to maximize your strokes. Get more power on every shot.

Get more precision on every stroke. Foam tech dampens vibrations and the differentiated shaft flexibility gives you a softer shaft when drawing the racquet back and preparing to swing, for greater precision and winning shots.

You consider durability to be a decisive factor when choosing a racquet.We fully agree.That's why we have added titanium at key points and reinforced the frame with FOAM tech.

A stiffer shaft designed to optimize the transmission of power throughout the racquet

Injected foam in the frame reduces vibration for stability and comfort.

The racquet head has been strengthened with a layer of material.

Metric Flex technology was specially designed to offer unique flexibility (lateral/frontal). Its structure is unique and patented. The shaft’s stiffness adapts to maximize each of your movements: a more flexible shaft when setting up the stroke and more rigid when you hit to guarantee power and precision.

Integrated grommet for more aerodynamics for more power and maneuverability.

Tech Specs

Player Typology Offensive Weight 87 g +/- 2 g
Flexibility Stiff Balance 300 mm +/-5mm
Balance Type Head Heavy Length 675 mm
Stringing Pattern 20x21 Tension Recommended 8-12 kg
String Type Synthetic T Joint Power T Joint
Composition Carbon + Titanium Wood handle

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